Saw this today ... This is Not a Dream

I really enjoyed this film, it was different and I liked that.  People were being themselves and expressing themselves artistically.  It may not all be my kind of thing, but I think if they enjoy it  and others too.  Then why not? as long as no-ones getting hurt.

I thought Nao Bustamante’s idea of “escapism” is very interesting & fun, & she comes across like a really bubbly interesting personality.



I also enjoyed Alp Haydar’s visions with himself, haha I thought this was good! In one show, he says goodbye to all his past loves, that he never really said goodbye too. …Then in another he looks at himself in the mirror and says what an ugly what not he is. Then another part where he’ kissing himself through doubling up multimedia style projections.  Someone said how “vain” this came across, I saw it totally differently, almost as though… he’s been working on himself through his art, and using that to fuel himself creatively through his expression of art.  It’s as though he’s saying I finally accept myself as I am, he’s looking at all the emotional rubbish in his life and creating something positive and comic at it. Well that’s my view anyhow ;)